Mean Girls Santana and Brittany Talk Glee

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Heather Morris and Naya Rivera play mean girl cheerleaders Brittany and Santana on Glee, and they are best friends in real life, too! The BFFs talk to OK! Magazine about their nickname "Britana," being an outcast in school and working with Uncle Jesse (John Stamos).

“We hang out all of the time,” Naya tells OK!. “When we’re together, [fans are like], ‘OMG! Brittany and Santana.’ Like one word, Brittanysantana! They call us Britana.” So when the girls showed up for their OK! photo shoot — to show off the cutest all-American summer weekend looks ever! — we had them interview each other. Here’s what they said.

NAYA: What makes me fun to be around?

HEATHER: First of all, you have the funniest laugh in the whole world! And second, you are the best at impersonating people. I am a big fan of listening to you impersonate Britney Spears!

HEATHER: What about me?

NAYA: You make me laugh all of the time. We went and saw a movie a few days ago and you made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.

HEATHER: Were you always so funny?

NAYA: I never think I’m funny — that’s the best part. I try to make people laugh, but Amber [Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones] called me goofy once and that is the perfect adjective to describe my personality.

HEATHER: I like when you laugh at yourself, though. You’ll do something, and you’ll just have this huge laugh.

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