Oxygen's THE GLEE PROJECT crowns a winner!

Glee Project Final 4

On Sunday, August 21st, 2011, Oxygen premiered the season finale of the hit summer show, THE GLEE PROJECT. The finale featured GLEE series co-creator Ryan Murphy as a mentor to the final four in which they all showed off their "Glee-ality", hence the name of the episode, and finish the competition which began airing in June.

The entire cast of THE GLEE PROJECT, including those eliminated throughout the course of the show, came together to film a final music video of P!NK's "Raise Your Glass" for the show's creators in order for them to further decide who will walk away with a guest starring role on Fox's hit show.

By the end of the evening it was announced that SAMUEL LARSEN and DAMIAN McGINTY were BOTH named the winners of THE GLEE PROJECT and will both appear in seven-episode arcs of the third season of GLEE as Sue Sylvester's new arch-nemeses.

Congratulations to SAMUEL LARSEN and DAMIAN McGINTY!

PLUS both ALEX NEWELL and LINDSAY PEARCE will receive two-episode arcs on the show!!

What do YOU think about the casting? The show in general? Let us know in the comments below!


OMG I have watched Glee every day for the past 4 months, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Puckerman! He is amazing! <3 xxx <3

hes mine back off(jokes)i love ouck hes megga fit!!

I love love LOVE glee with all my heart.! It is an amazing show and Kurt and Rachel are absolutely the bestt.!!<3333

O.M.GLEE! I love GLEE!! It's the only thing that I look forward to during the week!! I love Kurt and Brittany and I can't wait to see DAMIAN MCGINTY on the show!!!!!

I really like 3 of those 4, so i am very glad that they all got the chance to be on Glee. I am looking forward to see them on the show... Well although I already saw Lindsay in the first episode: brilliant, she is a great actress and singer. Looking forward to see Damian and Alex.

Hi, Eleah Burman here. My goal is to be on Glee. More of a dream really. One way of reaching this awesome sauce, cramazing fantasy is by getting on the Glee Project. I made this pretty neat video audition. http://thegleeprojectcasting.com/Auditions/View/439446
The more people who watch it/like it, the better chance I have. Your participation would mean the world to me. Please click on the link for the gleeprojectcasting.com website (this can be done by clicking the http thingy or the word Audition), watch it on the glee project casting site (on the link) and press like (the thumbs up sign) Please spread this around. In my favorite musical, title of show, they say nine people could tell nine people and so forth and eventually 525600 people will click on it....Now I'm not that cray-cray and think that I will reach that number, but if you could send this off to 5 friends or more, that would make such an impact with this attached. Thanks!! I hope you like my audition video.

I am such a gleek, watching all episodes recorded on sky with my bezzie Rosie.

Were having A GLEE DAY. I love it my friend Rosie has never watched glee but she deffo issed out she's watch 1 season on the second season so far.

OMG I got Rosie to be a gleek with me but people in my neighbourhood hate it I say they suck.

I hate them glee haters!!!!.....

The weird Gleek Jaimie

Go Glee

I <3 Glee

Does anyone know how to follow up on auditions for season 4? I had no idea they were doing auditions for season 3. I would love to be on the show I have a really good voice and I happened to become very interested in the show I watched all three seasons and thought maybe I could be the next gleek lol..Can anyone give me some info pls...??

i love glee so much that everytime its on i want to jump up and sing.

I love Glee and have watched from the start. Now I have to complain - Damien McGinty may well look cute ( he will be a favourite of grandmas and the tweens) and can sing - but he's as wooden as a tree. He can't act. He looks uncomfortable. Hate scenes with him in. He spoils them. Samuel, Alex and Lyndsey are sooo much better.

What do YOU think about the casting? The show in general? Let us know in the comments below!


What do YOU think about the casting? The show in general? Let us know in the comments below!

i love all of them and i have seen them all on at least a couple of the episodes of glee

On Glee !!!!
love for everyone;)