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Pictures of the cast attending the Glee Academy Event at The Music Box at Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA on July 27, 2010. Most of the cast was in attendance except for Dianna Agron, who was shooting a movie.

Glee Academy Event 01
Glee Academy Event 02
Glee Academy Event 03
Glee Academy Event 04
Glee Academy Event 05
Glee Academy Event 06
Glee Academy Event 07
Glee Academy Event 08
Glee Academy Event 09
Glee Academy Event 10
Glee Academy Event 11
Glee Academy Event 12
Glee Academy Event 13
Glee Academy Event 14
Glee Academy Event 15
Glee Academy Event 16
Glee Academy Event 17
Glee Academy Event 18
Glee Academy Event 19
Glee Academy Event 20
Glee Academy Event 21
Glee Academy Event 22
Glee Academy Event 23
Glee Academy Event 24
Glee Academy Event 25
Glee Academy Event 26

More event pictures:

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Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly interviews the Glee cast at The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego for Comic-Con 2010.

EW: Let's get to rumor patrol about the new season. I'm hearing that Mercedes is getting a boyfriend.

Amber Riley: I don't know!

EW: You know something!

Amber: I don't know! I heard those rumors, too. I think the rumors come from what the fans want to see sometimes. The fans will be like, "I will put out a rumor and then maybe somehow it will come true." It happens.

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Marc Malkin of E! Online is reporting that Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) is not dating co-star Kevin McHale (Artie).

"They were bound to happen, right?" Ushkowitz said about the romance rumors at the Amanda Foundation's Patterns for Paws fundraiser. "We're all best friends. It would be little incestuous [and] a little weird. But we're all so close that we figure anything will come out."

I'm not convinced. Jenna didn't explicitly say she's not dating him... Only that it would be a little weird since the cast is very close. Oh well, we'll just have to consider this topic a rumor—for now.

Jenna and Kevin are pictured vacationing in Monaco on June 10, 2010.

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Since we have just learned that almost the entire cast of Glee has been nominated for a 2010 Teen Choice Award, you may be wondering if they will attend the event. My guess is yes!

No attendees have been confirmed yet, but Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Jane Lynch, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Kevin McHale and Mike O'Malley have been nominated AND the award show is airing on FOX, so I think it's pretty safe to assume the cast will be there.

Just in case you live in the Los Angeles area and want to watch the TCA red carpet arrivals, here are the event details: Read more »

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Move over Twilight, make room for something better! This year's Teen Choice Awards have just announced their second wave of nominees and there is even a nomination for YOU—the fans!

The first round of nominations were:

Choice Music: Group Glee Cast
Choice TV Show: Comedy Glee
Choice TV Actress: Comedy Lea Michele
Choice TV Actor: Comedy Cory Monteith
Choice TV: Villain Jane Lynch

The second round of nominees are:

Choice TV: Female Scene Stealer Amber Riley
Choice TV: Male Scene Stealer Chris Colfer
Choice TV: Female Breakout Star Dianna Agron
Choice TV: Male Breakout Star Kevin McHale vs. Mark Salling
Choice TV: Parental Unit Mike O'Malley

You may vote for the Glee cast everyday at, plus find out more information on their award for "Most Fanatic Fan." Let's show them the power of Glee and win these awards!

For the rest of the Teen Choice Award nominees, visit E! Online.

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